Trained by National College of Holistic Medicine by eminent Dr Milo Sewards the founder of ARCH, Oksana is passionate about her mission to help people to achieve Happy Colon. Oksana, with her training in Food Intolerance testing and Nutrition, offers holistic approach and tailor-made treatments for clients with complex health needs and chronic bowel complications as well as offering specific herbal, coffee enemas and probiotic implants as part of the client’s individualistic needs and requests. Oksana has an easy and welcoming approach that will make even most nervous, anxious and shy client feel comfortable and happy to come back! Majority of her clients share their experience of colon irrigation as educational as Oksana shares her vast knowledge of digestive system and its works.


During the procedure, I gently introduce water into the colon through the rectum. Unlike an unmanned machine, I use a manual gravity fed meaning I am there with you throughout the entire process. Because of this, your experience is tailored to your needs and I can control what goes in and out of your body giving you the best care possible.

I have an encyclopaedia of knowledge about the gut and food nutrition that I’ve gained from years of intensive study and experience. I’m always happy to talk through any issues or question that you may have, or even just pique your general curiosity with some cool facts!