Aesthetic Procedures

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Wrinkle Relaxing Injections

Botulinum toxin is a neurotoxin that relaxes muscles and reduces excessive secretions of the sweat glands (hyperhydrosis). Botulinum toxin injections can be a simple and low-impact treatment for reducing facial wrinkles and signs of ageing.

Cosmetic use of Botulinum toxin is effective for relaxing vertical wrinkles between eyebrows, forehead wrinkles, smoker’s lip lines, bunny lines, crow’s feet and fallen corners of the mouth. Side effects are rare and temporal.

The wrinkle relaxing effect is noticeable after 3 to 5 days with maximal effect in 2 weeks time. Some clients may need to come back for a ‘top-up’ if desired effect is not achieved.

The effect of botulinum toxin is temporal and lasts approximately 3 to 4 months. Once the effect is gradually worn off over the period of several months, your wrinkles will return to the condition in which they were before treatment. Botulinum toxin injections for excessive underarm sweating may last for 4 to 6 months. There are a wide variety of treatments for reducing the lines of the face and neck to create a smoother more youthful look.

Botulinum Toxin may be an effective treatment for some patients, and you can learn more about this prescription only medication by scheduling a consultation with our aesthetic nurse Olena.

Botulinum toxin is contraindicated in pregnant or nursing women.

One area £150
Two areas £225
Three areas £270
Nefertiti face lift - £150
Nefertiti face lift - £150
Platysmal bands - £140
Hyperhidrosis - £400
Supplement for men - £40

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are products that are used to treat depressions on the skin, such as wrinkles and folds. Dermal filler such as Juvederm’, Belotero’, PureSence’ and Restylane’ material is a specially formulated type of hyaluronic acid (HA).

It’s a natural, biodegradable gel that flows easily and smoothly into the skin, instantly filling out depressions, contours an the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, or folds; the dermal filler products can also be used to enhance the shape and appearance of the lips, cheek augmentation, non surgical nose re- modeling, scars filling, tear through, hands rejuvenation and overall large-scale facial remodeling (beautification/male features enhancement).

An injectable implant such as Radiesse or Ellanse combines the benefits of both immediate correction of folds and wrinkles as well as stimulating the generation of the body’s own natural collagen with a longer lasting results.

Cheek augmentation - £450
Naso-labial folds - £250
Lips re-modeling/augmentation - £250
Tear through correction - £270
Marionette lines - £250
8 Points face lift - £350
Hands rejuvenation - £350
Nose correction with HA filler - £200
Nose correction with Radiesse - £250
Total face rejuvenation - from £450